Hello everyone, and welcome to our Tournament Finder. Because of COVID19 and the amount of rescheduling Tournament Operators have been faces with, we feel it is important for you to visit their website and see their schedule. Below you will see the logo and website address of all the Tournaments in North America.

Welcome to Weekend Hockey Tournaments
Offering exciting Adult and Youth Hockey Tournaments and Vacation Packages for Men, Women, Co-ed, Boys and Girls of All Ages and Skill Levels.
We invite you and your team to an ultimate ‘Weekend Hockey Tournament’ of camaraderie, great competition, fine hotels, excellent arenas and most of all, FUN.
Men’s, Women’s, and Co-ed teams from all over North America and Europe have participated with us in the past.
Bring your team and experience a weekend away with ‘Weekend Hockey’!

Weekend Hockey Tournaments has over 15 years of experience organizing successful hockey tournaments. At Weekend Hockey Tournaments, we feel all players and teams need their “Weekend Away” from their normal work routines. At least once per year, teams and individuals are looking for a weekend getaway to get together with friends and family. Weekend Hockey Tournaments is not your normal tournament company. We provide many extras that we feel set us apart from all others.

Offering professionally operated Boys, Girls, Men’s & Women’s Hockey Tournaments and Vacation Packages


At OneHockey, we are looking forward to hosting our next tournament in the U.S, Canada or Sweden (October). We know OneHockey has an obligation to lead the way for our industry to get back to business. Someone has to step out in front and show everyone how to get our youth and adult hockey tournaments back online. We have put together our plan to showcase the most cutting-edge safety measures available right now and implement them at our tournaments.  Please take a moment to read our new Safe + Clean OneHockey Plan. We want to be a part of relaunching the tournaments industry. Please join us in the reopening of tournaments!  OneHockey will follow guidelines on the number of people allowed in the facility at one time and physical distancing.  Circumstances are different based on geographic region. 

We hope that this update finds you all safe & healthy. This pandemic sure has hit us hard, individually and in our hockey community. As we head into the Fall/Winter season for hockey, there are still so many unknowns. Many of you have reached out to me with questions & concerns. I hear you, and I understand you. The issues with being unable to hold tryouts in some areas and/or get rosters approved have been a common growing concern among all of us. At this time, we are unable to get any of our events sanctioned.

TCS Hockey has a backup plan for tournaments that we cannot sanction – we plan to sanction them independently.
What does this mean? It means that any tournament team may participate in these events, and we will provide an independent insurance policy for players & coaches. The details and logistics of this will be sent to all registered teams. So, if your team has not been able to host tryouts yet – you can gather players of the same age & skill level for the division you are registering for. Rosters will still need to be sent in and approved by TCS Hockey before attending these events – but your rosters do not have to be sanctioned. Teams can change their team names and even buy unique tournament jerseys instead of their club/organization jerseys. If you want to use your organizational jerseys, we suggest you check with your club or organization before doing so.
Final decisions regarding each of our Fall/Winter events will be made independently. Updates will be posted on our website. With that being said, here is a current status for upcoming September events:
With this plan in place – registration is currently open for these events – you can go to to register!
**Deposits and registrations are 100% refundable if the tournament gets cancelled for any unforeseen reason related to covid**
Some exciting news to share! TCS Hockey will now be offering Elite AAA & AAA divisions in selected age levels at selected events this upcoming Fall/Winter Season! We are excited about this new level of hockey at our future events!
Stay safe, everyone, and we hope to see your team at one of our upcoming events!

Hockey and Ringette Tournaments

In our 12th season, we are proud to offer various innovative, competitive, and fun events for all ages.  Each year we host nearly 400 teams travelling from Canada, the USA, Europe, Russia and Asia.  We have added two new exciting hockey tournaments this year!

Unfortunately, space is limited; register early to avoid disappointment.

We believe that it starts with family. Right down to our name, which was created using the first letter of each name in our little family. Located in Kingston, Ontario, we are a privately-held company, owned and operated by Ryan Thompson.

We promote sportsmanship and positive behaviour to help young players compete in an innovative environment that emphasizes skills development and provides an exceptional sports experience.


Thank you for your interest in youth hockey tournaments at the Sensplex. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are not accepting registrations at this time, given the uncertainty around the event format and other details.

Once we have details to share and can provide greater clarity, we will update our website. In the meantime, we respectfully ask that you refrain from contacting us for tournament information. Please refer to this page and our social media accounts (@Sensplex) for updates as they become available.

All summer tournaments at the Sensplex are cancelled. If you are a local area Spring/Summer team, you may be eligible to play in the Inaugural Sensplex Summer AAA League hosted by the SSHD AAA Hockey Club.

Welcome to Sensplex Adult Hockey Tournaments!

The Bell and Richcraft Sensplex work with many companies and charities each year on adult tournaments of many kinds! Regardless of the event, you can be assured of a fabulous experience with professional tournament coordinators and support staff looking after all details with the attention that is second to none. We can’t wait to welcome your team!

All tournaments will feature Stanley’s Restaurant & Bar overlooking the ice at the Richcraft Sensplex and Bell Sensplex so that teams can have a place to gather for great food and drinks after their games.

For information on any of our existing tournaments or to discuss hosting a new event, please contact us at or 613 599 0227.

Thank you for looking at NST for your Tournament needs. As I know how difficult it can be to pick the proper tournament with all the choices out there today, we appreciate your consideration. Gene Carella, NST Co-Tournament Director, has been presenting tournament opportunities since 1990 for the formerly known Grand Niagara Cataracts Hockey Association. In 1999, he started Niagara Sports Tournaments to help provide youth hockey to hundreds of teams throughout the U.S. and Canada per year. Gene also raised four hockey players, and through his travels to many tournaments, he understands what hockey parents’ want. Gene’s son Michael now runs the company but still has the same goal as his father: to make sure that every player has a great time, win or loss. Hockey is a GAME where the result should be smiling kids who don’t even realize the life lessons.

I (Michael) have been to many tournaments in my playing and coaching days where what was advertised was not what we got. For example, I remember a tournament where our AA Minor Bantam teams played in the same division as AAA Major Bantams! The tournament director was nowhere to be found, and the staff could not help solve this problem. In a different tournament, the schedule that was sent a week before the tournament was changed the DAY before the tournament started, which completely change our hotel and other plans we had outside of the tournament. This will not happen at NST. I personally am present for EVERY game of the tournament, so if you need to find me, you can, and the schedule is sent out 3-4 weeks before the tournament.

I put all teams through a rigorous screening process to ensure each team is placed in the proper division. As you may know, there is no exact science to paring teams. Since there are many different classifications used by amateur hockey teams in different regions of the United States and Canada (see Screening process tab above), divisions can get messy if careful consideration is not taken. We at NST take much time and effort to create well-balanced divisions. Nothing is more disheartening than driving to a tournament to blow out a team or get blown out by a team.

Teams also do not want to travel to a tournament just to be placed on the same side of a division as a team from their local leagues. My father and I take great pride in delivering an enjoyable tournament experience for our tournament families. An incredible return rate evidences this in tournament participation by hockey associations. We only accept between 40-60 teams per tournament. This wide range in several teams ensures each division of each tournament has balanced competition. We will not force a division together to fill ice! We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our tournaments.

Pacific Spring Showcase AAA Elite Tournament. Managed by

(Inside Edge Hockey Training). The Greater Vancouver Area is home to the premier elite spring youth ice hockey tournament.

Welcome to the Pacific Spring Showcase! The Greater Vancouver Area is home to the premier elite spring youth ice hockey tournament. The Pacific Spring Showcase features 64 to 70 Elite teams each year from all over Western North America. The PSS has successfully run this event in only two facilities each year, making the tournament atmosphere electric while limiting travel for all teams participating.
For more information and to register, visit our website at

Open to any team that has been approved for participation in the 2021 Pacific Spring Showcase. Please identify your team’s birth year for the tournament.


“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours,
weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance
itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.”

  -T Alan Armstrong.

Thrive was founded in March 2007 with the vision to make available to all skating athletes within Central Alberta the opportunity to become better players, reaching their full potential in sport and citizenship.

Thrive instructors have the technical knowledge, education and practical playing and coaching experiences that guarantee players’ individual development.

We believe in individuality. Everyone is unique and therefore requires a program that works for them. Our small group & individual training guarantees special individual attention to each player’s needs. Thereby maximizing the development potential of each Thrive athlete.

We are committed to helping thrive athletes achieve success as they gain skills to climb up the performance ladder. We know the skills they learn on the ice will be translated into their lives outside of the rink. It is our goal to help them become victors in life by building their championship character.

SuperSeries AAA showcases and tournaments are simply the best events in youth hockey. At SuperSeries AAA,  our number one mission is to allow highly skilled young hockey players and their teams to play the best competition for their level in every game at every event that we run. Whether it’s a showcase event or a tournament, the SuperSeries AAA staff works harder than anyone in the industry to make sure all games are close and competitive by taking scheduling seriously. We make every possible effort to match teams against similar-level opponents and avoid having teams play in their league or geographical area. When you attend a SuperSeries AAA event, everything is taken care of. From registration to hotel bookings, we handle every aspect of the event, and our staff will always respond to your questions immediately.

Other events may call themselves ‘Super Series,’ but this is the ORIGINAL and only REAL SuperSeries AAA.

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