Stop the Puck Goaltending



For nearly a decade I have been teaching goalies of all ages, and skill levels. From house league to the NHL, it’s been a privilege to be on the ice with my students and share my knowledge and passion about goaltending.

When it comes to goalie coaching in the Greater Toronto Area and creases everywhere, I’m here to help you do what our name is all about – Stop The Puck.

We aren’t the first to say this, but it’s true – a goalie is like a giant ever-changing puzzle. To help put those pieces together, we will take the time to address each skill that you want to learn and improve upon.

At Stop The Puck Goaltending, we stay on top of the latest techniques, including the modern butterfly. Puck tracking skills are also an essential element to the position, which has also helped resurrect certain stand-up aspects to the game. Goalies don’t need to go down for every shot, especially at an early age, which is why we place such a strong emphasis on focusing on the puck and making the proper save selection. It’s one thing to know technique, it’s another thing to know when to use it.

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