Why Insurance



Why do I need ice hockey insurance? 

Ice Hockey is an intense sport, so there is potential for bodily injuries and harm, which can lead to lawsuits. Even with solid risk management strategies, only so much can prevent accidents in a sport like hockey. Getting Ice Hockey Insurance will give any coach, hockey camp organizer, tournament host, or instructor peace of mind by helping to cover any claims that might arise. Taking the next step to ensure your hockey activities is an excellent addition to your risk management practices.

What are the benefits of ice hockey insurance? 

Having Ice Hockey Insurance is highly beneficial for hockey organizations for protection. Ice Hockey Insurance could assist in covering the liabilities that would fall onto your organization if there were any accidents. These incidents can result in your business facing lawsuits. Even if you were not negligent, these lawsuits could still be expensive. Putting a high-quality insurance policy into place will give your organization the help it needs to mitigate these risks. Ice Hockey Insurance provides worry-free coverage that helps to protect instructors, camp organizers, tournament hosts, and coaches.

As part of your NASHA Membership, you have insurance protection under the ESG/NASHA Insurance Program Policy.

Our member services Insurance Partner is Player’s Health Cover Canada Inc. 

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