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Master a simple and effective 5-step fueling system

to increase speed and stamina, earn more ice time,

and get your youth ice hockey player noticed by the scouts.

Does this sound like you?

->You feel like all the other hockey parents have this “hockey nutrition” thing figured out, and you are left wondering why your skater isn’t earning ice time.

-> You have been trying to help your skater change their meal plan, and they still struggle to increase their speed.

-> You are frustrated watching your skater sit on the bench the majority of the time during games on a tournament weekend

-> Your skater has started to feel like they “can’t” improve, and they are starting to lose confidence in their ability to play the game they love.

-> You want a “rinse and repeat” fueling system that will give your skater the speed and stamina they need each time they step on the ice.

Can you relate? If you answered YES! Enroll today and start learning how to fuel your skater like a champion!


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How would it feel if you:

-> Understood how to choose a pre-game meal to give your skater speed & stamina to last all 3 periods.

-> Had the confidence to choose meals at a restaurant that supports your skater’s hockey performance on a tournament weekend.

-> Understand how to personalize your skater’s meal plan to add muscle weight to help them improve their explosiveness on the ice.

-> Knew how to help your picky eater choose foods they will eat that will support their focus throughout practices and games

It is possible to fuel your skater for speed & stamina, but it depends on doing things a bit differently.

You can get beyond your youth ice hockey nutrition overwhelm and help your skater improve their speed and stamina and earn more ice time. This is possible when you use the Create a Championship Plate Fueling System.

The 5-step fueling system makes the work easy.

->The science-based nutrient timing fueling system ensures you fuel your skater with the right amount of food for their body to deliver peak performance on the ice.

->The easy-on-demand modules allow you to watch the modules on your smartphone, tablet or desktop; plus, after you have finished the course, you will continue to have access to the modules to review throughout the hockey season.


*****************Enroll Now!

“The most important result that has come about is how Ben feels when he is on the ice. I asked him if he thought it was worth it, and he was like – Oh Yeah! For example, this past Monday, when he had a practice, He was the only one not doubled over from exhaustion and trying to catch his breath as the practice progressed. He felt energized and felt good.

Other players may have been ready to wind up the skate, but not Ben; he was still ready to go.

Kimberly S.,

In only a few days, Joshua and his mother rearranged the food he was already eating. The results, as reported by his mother, “Well, this happened today, 2 shutouts in a row against our toughest opponent. I think this is working already.”

Julia T.,

“As A Physician, I Am Impressed!”
My daughter lives by the plan Kim worked out for her this fall, and I can’t say thank you enough! Maggie is away from home at the Ontario Hockey Academy and has a rigorous strength training routine and on-ice practice every single day. Kim gave her great practical guidelines on how to choose foods to meet her nutritional needs and food preferences specific to her situation. As a mother, I am so glad she has Kim’s guidance away from me. As a physician, I am impressed by Kim’s total approach and in-depth plans. I commend Hockey Mom RD and recommend her evaluation and advice for youth athletes in any sport.

Elizabeth Blair, MD, PhD,


“He learned what to do and what not to do from you over the past 2 years.
He is pretty self-sufficient with his food. It’s actually amazing to see. At 13, he knows when what and how much to eat to get himself ready for games and tourneys.”
Update May 2023: Years later, Dominic still uses everything he learned from you while on game and/or tournament weekends.
Only Now, I doordash him his Salmon, rice and broccoli dinners in his dorm room at Shattuck instead of cooking for him.

Thanks, Kimberly Smith Lukhard, for a lifetime of healthy knowledge.

Cynthia P.,

“Upon finishing the workshops with Kim, our son had a breakout month of practices; He went from being tired after an hour to being able to outlast teammates during a three-hour practice. His stamina skyrocketed.”

He continued, “Along with what he was already doing, Kim’s methods broke through his plateau with breakneck speed. Simple changes and focusing on hydration have put him at the top of his league.”

Mark P.
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Hi, I’m Kim Lukhard, aka Hockey Mom RD. I taught college nutrition and cooking courses for 20 years, wrote a best-selling hockey nutrition book, Eat, Skate, Win: 7 Steps for Your Youth Ice Hockey Star to Eat Like a Champion, and spent 11 years as a hockey mom for my 2 sons.

My sons started hockey late, 6 and 8 years old. They wanted to be the best hockey players they could become. I used my knowledge of sports nutrition to help them improve, and the steps I used with my sons became the Create a Championship Plate Fueling System.

Since 2010, I have helped skaters and goalies rise from the ranks of the House League to Juniors (USPHL, NA3HL, NAHL, USHL) to the NHL Draft list NHL Development Camps and earn commitments to play D1 college hockey.

Here’s what’s included in this self-study course.

-> Immediate access to the Create Your Skater’s Meal Plan Template course.

-> Immediate access to the 5-step fueling system in the Create a Championship plate course.

-> Downloadable ebooks to help with meal planning and game day fueling.

-> 42 meals in the Hockey Nutrition Playbook for Busy Hockey Parents to help make your meal planning simple and easy

-> Downloadable 31-Day Performance Journal for your skater to use.

-> Lifetime access to the Create a Championship Plate Fueling System course.

When you enroll in this course, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and on your schedule. I encourage only 1 module a week to allow you time to apply what you are learning.

****************Dive in and start learning today.

****************Here’s what you will learn in each module.

Module 1: Increase Your Speed

-> Learn the first habit you must practice daily to increase your speed

-> Understand why not making this habit a priority will slow you down

-> Create your personalized pre-skate routine

This module is the foundation for the remaining modules.

Module 2: Turbo Charge Your Stamina

-> Learn how to choose stamina-sustaining foods each day

-> Understand why certain foods kill your stamina

-> Create your personalized daily meal plan

Module 3: Laser Focus

-> Learn what foods will help you have sustained focus during your games

-> Learn how certain foods help your focus and hockey performance

-> Learn what foods give you sluggish focus

-> Determine which foods are best for you to add to your daily meals and snacks

Module 4: Build Muscle

-> Create your personalized recovery snack based on your physical needs

-> Learn how too much protein can negatively impact your hockey performance

-> Learn which protein-rich foods slow your skating down and why.

Module 5: Get consistent results with Nutrient Timing

This module ties together what you learned in the first 4 modules.

-> Understand why it’s important to pay attention to the time you eat

-> Learn how to create meals and snacks for optimum performance on game days

-> Create a template for your meals and snacks on game days.

Create a Championship Plate and Earn More Ice Time!

Your youth ice hockey player worked hard all season long. Help them continue to improve their speed, stamina, focus and muscle when you learn the simple & easy 5-step fueling system.


Frequently Asked Questions

 My skater is 12 and always on the starting line. Do I really need to think about his hockey nutrition right now?

 We are so busy! I don’t see how or when we could even make time to learn the information if we wanted to.

 I don’t have the time to learn; tell me what my skater needs to eat.

This program is right for you if:

->You are tired of guessing about what foods to offer your skater for optimum performance.

->You are ready to learn how to easily and confidently prepare meals and snacks to fuel your skater for success.

->Your skater wants to learn about hockey nutrition to increase their speed & stamina.

->You want to help your skater earn more ice time and get noticed by the scouts in the stands.

Your skater has a goal to advance to the next level to play Junior or College hockey.

If you answered YES! to at least 3 of these questions, let’s get your skater results!

Here’s to your skater’s success year-round!

Earn more ice time!

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