Our program objective is to provide a developmental opportunity for both boys and girls at the highest level of competition, to have fun, and to meet new friends. We encourage our teams to strive for the highest levels of success in the course of meeting these objectives.

Foothills Elite AAA Academy is in its 27th year and has many Alumni playing in various levels of Elite Hockey – NHL, European Elite Leagues, NCAA, University, Major Junior, Tier 2 etc. Our coaches follow a strict guideline set out by many years of development by knowledgeable hockey professionals to ensure high-end development of its players and help ensure that our players have an opportunity to achieve success in our great game of hockey.


Foothills Elite AAA Academy is always actively looking for talent (both male and female) for our 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, and 12 winter HSL & PHL teams please contact us via email for more information foothillsaaa.kylebruce@gmail.com


Practice Ice Times will be a minimum of two 90 minute full-ice sessions per team/week.

There will be a highly qualified non-parent coach for each team.

HSLPHL Showcase weekends “Tournaments” are held in Alberta on weekends at least once a month.

The season runs from September to March 2019 – 2020.


Player sponsorship will be a 70/30 player/company split.

Team Sponsorship will be a 70/30 team/company split.

A sponsor package will be available to prospective sponsors that will include: Website, Facebook, and Banner exposure.