Everything in life evolves, and the game of hockey is no different. The game is faster, more skilled, and more exciting than ever before. And the world of hockey development is no different. When the game evolves, the way that we prepare and train must also evolve.

At Progressive Hockey Development (PHD), our goal is to continue to evolve and to give the tools to our athletes who want to keep working towards their long-term goals. PHD is pleased to announce a new form of Hockey Development, Ellis Hockey Detail, which is a new series of highly-detailed elite camps designed specifically for players who want to get the most out of their time on the ice. Each skater will be run through a series of drills that are currently used to teach players on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies. Ellis Hockey Detail will offer high-end, high-detail training to elite level hockey players playing AAA level hockey, or for those wishing to make the jump to AAA hockey.

“In my time teaching camps all over the world, the one thing I found is that there are a certain number of players who want more … more detail, more attention, more development,” said Mike Ellis, PHD Founder and Head Instructor. “I have a passion for teaching hockey to all ages and skill levels, and this new venture gives another group a place to learn and push themselves to their limits – and beyond.”

Over the last few years, camps have been held for this type of learning in Toronto, Detroit, Nova Scotia, Edmonton, and in Europe, to name a few locales. Now, there are a lot of people in this region demanding it as well. The first such camp is slated for March 31-April 2 in Komoka.

“The athletes will get the information, training, and detail in three days – the same amount that they would over a 10-week program,” said Ellis. “PHD will introduce a new video platform so that players can see their daily repetitions almost immediately after their day on the ice has completed. The video component is so vital for developing and perfecting each movement. This way the player can see what they have worked on and how it can impact their game.  All players and goalies will receive a complete video breakdown so that they can continue to reference and use the information provided from us.”

PHD will continue to operate and work with its athletes and will work for hand in hand with Ellis Hockey Detail to provide the best teaching environment to hockey players of all ages and levels.

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