Welcome to NASHA

We have built our business over the past 14 years by partnering with Hockey Spring Teams, Year-Round Hockey Schools, Camps, Winter and Spring/Summer Leagues (3 on 3, 4 on 4, 5 on 5 Youth and Adult) plus Tournaments. Over the past few years, we have expanded the business to be a true Hockey Resource and Sanctioning body. 

Mandate & Mission – Who is NASHA?

NASHA SPORTS is a national sanctioning body for Spring Hockey, Independent Hockey Leagues, Adult Leagues, Hockey Schools and Independent Tournaments in the country. The organization works in conjunction with hundreds of members to progress the measures to improve the health and safety of all players in the game of hockey at all levels.

NASHA SPORTS is concerned about the potential risks of injury impacting a player’s current and future life in the sport of hockey. Our insurance programs are comprehensive, and program management will ensure the best possible protection.

NASHA SPORTS also announced in November 2019 a new partnership with Player’s Health (https://playershealth.com) to further advance the knowledge and policies in dealing with Player Health and Safety.

Mission Statement

“Partner with corporations working to improve players’ health and safety by bringing programs to the hockey world, not just Spring/Summer programs.”


Use the Spring/Summer Hockey Platform to improve Health and Safety practices for all Players playing in the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer programs.

NASHA SPORTS believes…

Having alternatives for Hockey Families is important to produce the best players possible for University, Professional Hockey and National Teams players;

Parents, coaches and league management must take a larger role in the Health and Safety of players;

Players must be given the proper time to recover from injury, and being removed from the game allows this to occur. The playing life of a Hockey Player is short, but overall life is long, so all people associated with that player must think of the long term;

All Hockey Schools need to develop proper checking clinics and deliver these teachings to the players;

The hockey game does not need to be reduced in its toughness, but its players need to play with respect.

Our Member Services Insurance Broker is Player’s Health Cover Canada Inc.   https://playershealth.com

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